Will We Ever Be Free of Fauci’s Covid Double-Talk?

16 Nov 2021

FAUCI: If you get vaccinated and your family’s vaccinated, you can feel good about enjoying a typical Thanksgiving, Christmas with your family and close friends. We, unfortunately, still have a dynamic of infection in the community of about 70,000 new cases per day. So when you go to indoor congregate settings, go the extra mile, be safe, wear a mask.

And when you’re with your family at home, goodness, enjoy it with your parents, your children, your grandparents, there’s no reason not to do that. This will end. We are not gonna be going through this indefinitely. How quickly we get to the end depends on us, how well we vaccinate, how well we get boosted, and how well we do the kinds of things to protect ourselves.

BUCK: Welcome back to Clay and Buck show. (impression) “How well we get boostered, the dynamics of infection, the congregate settings… If you listen to everything I say — if you mitigate the droplets coming out of your mouth 24/7 for just six months or maybe 12 or maybe four or five more years, Clay, there is a hope in the percentages somewhere in the range of 5 to 55%, which could change. We could call an audible here that at some indeterminate point in the future you will never have to hear my stupid voice ever again.”

CLAY: What would have happened to Fauci if Trump had won the election? I think he would have fired Fauci within a month or so of winning the election. I think certainly by spring and summer, as cases were going down, he would have been like, “Okay, Fauch, you’re out.” But I really don’t feel like we’re ever going to be rid of this guy for the rest of our lives. I feel like he’s never going to leave. Do you feel that way, like he is here forever?

BUCK: Of course. He loves this. He’s turned into a person for whom getting up in the morning is really just… It’s all an effort to be on TV and be the center of attention. He’s a hero still to millions of delusional libs all across the country. So you can and I can sit here and point out all the things he’s wrong about, all the things not true —

CLAY: Which is everything.

BUCK: — which is everything, right, and people out there would be like, “Oh, Fauci keeps me safe and warm at night.” And it’s like, “No, he doesn’t, actually. He prevents children from breathing normally in school for eight hours a day because he’s a feckless bureaucrat and a coward,” and it’s not just about him. It’s Rochelle Walensky at the CDC. It’s Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general. It’s all these different Democrat bureaucrats, Clay, who just never stop. We’re gonna have to make them stop. We’re gonna have to snap them out of it; otherwise, this is gonna go on for at least another year or two.

CLAY: Here’s what I think the Hail Mary’s gonna be, Buck. I think the Democrats are looking at all these poll numbers, and I think they know that they’re gonna get swamped in 2022 and get their ass kicked. And I think they’re going to try to implement emergency voting in 2022 all over again, just like they did in 2020. And that’s going to be their lifeline. So I think they almost desperately still need covid to be an issue in September and October of next year. I do. I feel like if covid goes away, then there’s basically nothing left for Joe Biden.

BUCK: There’s a problem that they have with your question that we keep returning to of, “When does this end?” essentially.

CLAY: How do we land the plane, so to speak.

BUCK: The problem with it is the moment that that happens, people turn around and say, “Hold on a second. Why didn’t we do this months ago? What have we gained from the additional months of restrictions and masking up children and all this, considering that those restrictions — as we have seen month in and month out — didn’t work?”

CLAY: Right.

BUCK: People may actually have the clarity when the scales dropped from their eyes, so to speak. They may actually have the clarity to look at what we’ve been put through and say, “Social distancing?” Clay these morons in charge were telling us to Lysol our groceries —

CLAY: And our mail.

BUCK: — and are measuring places outside to have people sitting a certain distance apart from each other. And they thought they were the smart ones, and they still think they’re the smart ones. And this is why there’s so much, I think, ego as well as anxiety and mental illness that’s tied to all this. There’s so much ego for people. They don’t ever want to wake up and realize, “Wow. I’ve been acting like a total clown for 18-plus months now, going on two years. Why?”

CLAY: I think it’s a fantastic question. And honestly, even as covid cases now are increasing all over the Midwest and the Northeast, are you noticing how there is very little of a story being comparatively paid to that? Because when covid cases were going up in Florida and the South, it was, “Oh, look at all these red state idiots! They don’t know any better. They’re making awful decisions.”

Listen right now — I’m looking at the New York Times website — to the states with the highest rate of covid: Michigan, right now, is number one. Blue state, dictator Governor Whitmer. Minnesota, blue state. New Mexico, blue state. By the way, top-three cases are up 68% in the last 14 days in Michigan. Cases are up 67% in the last 14 days in Minnesota. And cases are up 46% in the last two weeks in New Jersey.

Also on this list, New Hampshire, skyrocketing cases. Vermont, skyrocketing cases. Wisconsin, skyrocketing cases, all right? The only state with a Republican-dominated governor and legislature is North Dakota. Six of the seven states are run by governors who are Democrats and or Democrat, you know, created legislatures, dominated, right?

Not a speck of story about what’s going on in the Northeast, Midwest, how they failed to handle the outbreak. Meanwhile Florida is all the way down, lowest rate in the United States right now at seven per hundred thousand. Buck, Michigan and Minnesota have 10 times the rate right now.

BUCK: I don’t understand, Clay, how Governor Ron DeSantis snuck up to Michigan and Minnesota and started spraying covid everywhere. There’s this top secret covid program that they must be running out of Florida, ’cause we were reliably informed by all the journos that Florida was an experiment in “death by covid” all summer, and it was the personal responsibility of Governor Ron DeSantis.

So shouldn’t then he be — in this moment — the greatest hero? Because while other places all over the country are having huge rises in caseload, he’s had this dramatic drop. It’s almost like they didn’t change masking, they didn’t change the so-called mitigation of Fauciism, and still had the huge drop-off in cases! What is it going to take for everyone…? And I mean everyone.

I mean the crazy libs who think the world is gonna melt because of climate change. That’s at least in the future. We’re talking about what’s going on right now. They need to understand that they’ve been effectively playing along with a superstition, with all social distancing and the masking stuff. Notice how we say — and we had Senator Rand Paul on before — vaccines are great for people at high risk.

They’re really effective, although preventing hospitalization and death — particularly for people at high risk — for about a maybe six-month period, maybe four-month period, something like that. But for that period, it does work. It is helpful in that period. We speak the truth here, and there are people all over the country who still cling to the illusions of 18 months ago.

CLAY: By the way, 99% — according to the New York Times — of people 65 and older have had at least one covid shot: 99%.

BUCK: So who’s…? You wonder, too, who’s being hospitalized and who’s dying from covid right now? They want you to believe it’s only the unvaccinated. How has that happened?

CLAY: The math doesn’t add up —

BUCK: Doesn’t add up.

CLAY: — that 78% of people who are dying in England right now with covid are double vaxxed.

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