Woke Segregationists Berate White Males at Arizona State

24 Sep 2021

CLAY: This clip that we’re about to play you is from Arizona State University. So there are two white kids that are studying in the Multicultural Center. One of them has a sticker that says “Police Lives Matter” on his laptop, and the other one —

BUCK: I believe that to be a very true statement. I believe Police Lives Matter.

CLAY: I am in favor of police not dying. Does not seem to be a ridiculous perspective to adopt. So someone in the Multicultural Center walks up and confronts these two white students and says that basically their being present in the Multicultural Center is unacceptable. But also, that their having the opinion that “Police Lives Matter” is offensive.

BUCK: We’re not even… We can’t do this justice. People just need to hear it.

CLAY: Yeah, this is real. Play it.

BUCK: “You are promoting our murder.” Clay, notice that the use of jargon, the language there, and when you hear the way it just so quickly flows from these college kids, “the cis, white male,” all this kind of stuff. This is like what you hear indoctrinated youth in a country that has gone totalitarian saying mindless, moronic slogans and thinking that it’s profound and important.

CLAY: And remember, this woman is filming these white guys in the Multicultural Center as if she is in the right. Not only is she behaving — you just heard that video — in a thoroughly reprehensible manner. Kicking someone out of a location on campus because of their race is the foundation of racism. Just because she’s black and doing it doesn’t mean that it’s okay. And then to argue that he’s not entitled to his perspective and immediately to go to “you’re racist for having that perspective” while filming this guy, trying to dox and embarrass him.

BUCK: To shame him. This is meant to shame him.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: No question. And, Clay, notice one of the two woke students here saying that “they,” meaning cops, “kill people like us.” This reminds me of the same brainwashed leftist mentality you have around covid where people think — young people think — that they’re 50 times more likely to be hospitalized and die than they are.

CLAY: Thousands! Thousands of cops are killing black people every day.

BUCK: Young minorities in this country are being told by the left… I mean, if you were to ask — you could run this experiment — how many unarmed black men are shot in any given year in this country, for example? A lot of leftists would start saying, “Thousands.”

CLAY: Thousands.

BUCK: “At least hundreds.” Very few of them would say, “Nine, maybe 15,” depending on the recent year we’re talking about.

CLAY: And to your point, “unarmed” does not mean without danger because you could be unarmed and choking somebody to death. You could be unarmed.

BUCK: Right. If someone’s reaching for my sidearm, I consider them armed.

CLAY: Yes, you could be unarmed and trying to go get in a car to get a weapon, right? All of these things, usually when you look at them, there is a real clear and present danger afoot. But it’s, again, what we were talking about yesterday with the whips and the way that the Biden administration has tried to portray something that didn’t happen on the border.

It’s anecdote destroying good decisions, right? The border, we need security. Oh, there’s a guy on a horse who’s trying to do his job. We can’t have horses anymore! Oh, we have one police officer who may have behaved in a criminal manner. All police officers are bad. It’s anecdote-driven culture designed to build up a narrative that isn’t supported by the actual data.


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