It’s Worse Than a Year Ago: Biden Hasn’t Fixed Covid

7 Sep 2021

CLAY: I want to hit with you a data point that I think is significant that is not being discussed anywhere. Joe Biden ran his entire campaign on the idea that he was going to fix covid. He hid in the basement, he wore the oversized mask, he used it as a cudgel to attack Donald Trump all the time. The idea that Trump was not taking covid seriously enough, the idea that Trump had mismanaged covid — all of that — was the underlying theme and justification, alongside of normalcy, that Joe Biden based his entire presidential campaign upon.

We are now coming up on the fall, now that we have passed Labor Day, and you can look at the data from last fall, a year ago, when Joe Biden was making this argument all through Labor Day in September. Did you know, Buck Sexton, that right now today as we speak, there are twice as many people hospitalized with covid as on Labor Day last year when Joe Biden was saying that President Trump was doing an awful job of handling covid?

He owns covid now, and this failure — which would, honestly, if Trump were still in office, that hospitalization data would be being used as continued failure of the Trump administration. Yet I’d bet a huge percentage of our audience right now that’s listening to us has no idea that compared to last Labor Day, we have twice as many people hospitalized right now with covid as we did last year.

BUCK: And how could that be? As we know the dominant lib, journo, media narrative is day in and day out… How could the current surge, not just in cases, but hospitalizations, be the fault of the unvaccinated, and it exceeds where we were a year ago, remember? Right?

CLAY: When everyone was unvaccinated.

BUCK: When everybody was unvaccinated a year ago.

CLAY: It’s a great point.

BUCK: So how is it possible to blame those who have not been unvaccinated when it’s worse somehow now with than it was a year ago when it was not possible to even be vaccinated, there is obviously something else going on here, Clay, which is why the questions about, “How does this end, what does that look like, what do we have to do, how long do these vaccines really lost, how well do they really work?” If we had an honest, not just journalistic but scientific community in this country… People are still so terrified. We both know personally doctors who think that what’s —

CLAY: Lots of them.

BUCK: — going with Fauciism is madness, but they don’t want to abandon all their patients and their career by being booted out of their hospital and having their license suspended for questioning Fauci. This is like the flat-eartherism of our current moment, actually. It’s not people that are skeptical of vaccines. It’s people who won’t allow there to be the questions about vaccines.

CLAY: And what I would say too, Buck — I think you hit it well there with the flat-earthism. We talked about the heliocentric versus geocentric theories. Take the people all the way back to sixth grade science. But the essence of this and why it should be so offensive to everyone out there regardless of your political beliefs is, science is about rigorously questioning conventional wisdom.

That’s how we get to legitimate ideas and new hypotheses and theories which govern our existence. And yet, if you point out, “Wait a minute. Israel, right now, is starting to discuss a fourth different covid shot. They have already given everybody a third covid vaccine. They are now talking about a fourth.” Israeli data reflects that the number of people who are testing positive for covid continues to skyrocket in that country.

And if you ask, “Wait a minute. Is this really a vaccine? Is it a therapeutic?” How is it that we, with 75%, Buck, of people 18 and up in this country have received at least one covid vaccine shot have twice as many people hospitalized for covid this year as we did at the exact same time last year when no one had an opportunity to be vaccinated yet?

BUCK: How is it the Biden administration gets away — day in and day out — with not addressing this in any way other than just to say, “We need everyone to get vaccinated”? Clearly that does not end this thing.

CLAY: That’s right. That’s the key.

BUCK: Because you have a lot of people who are vaccinated who are still getting covid. And I know that they say, “Oh, it protects from severe disease.” Okay. How long does it protect? If the vaccine wanes in effectiveness, right, the assumption here could be, all right. Maybe you have enough antibodies that you’re more likely than not going to survive. But does that also…? Remember, originally it was you won’t get it? You’re basically not gonna get covid. Rochelle Walensky of the CDC, the director, said, “You don’t get it; you don’t spread it. Get the vaccine!” That was the pitch. Now you definitely can get it, right? I mean, maybe it’s less likely —

CLAY: You can still get hospitalized with it. I mean, there’s still… Look, it’s not as if your chances of ever dying of covid-19 go away when you get this vaccine. You could still die of covid.

BUCK: And we’re looking now at a situation where, I think, Clay, they don’t want to do the real analysis. They don’t want to actually look at natural immunity because we could be heading toward a point where it’s just everyone’s basically gonna get covid —

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: — and the way that this actually not goes away entirely but gets under control is when enough people have natural immunity, more so even than vaccinated immunity. I’m not saying we’re there yet, but that’s clearly in the background here, and when you’re talking about getting a third, fourth shot, now all the questions about, “All right. Well, what are the side effects and what percentage of people have them?

“And how much is too much? And what does it do?” I mean, as a simple function of math, if one in 100,000 people have a really bad reaction to a shot, if everyone has to get it every year, the math starts to add up very quickly to, “What’s really the benefit of this, especially if it starts to fade, if the protection of it goes away very quickly.”


VICTORIA PREMIER DANIEL ANDREWS: To protect the health system we’ve got everybody locked down. We’re gonna move to a situation where to protect the health system we’re gonna lock out people who are not vaccinated and can be. If you’re making the choice not to get vaccinated, then you’re making the wrong choice. But, yes, there’s gonna be a vaccinated economy, and you get to participate in that if you are vaccinated.

BUCK: (impression) “Get vaccinated or you can’t be in the economy.”

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: Something like that. That’s what the guy in Australia is saying. Welcome back to the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show. The Aussie accent’s kind of funky. It’s a tough one to do. This is what they’re doing there, folks. I just think you should know that whereas a lot of us have been for a while here pointing to Australia saying, look at how crazy they are. I think that the CDC, Democrat control apparatus of the Fauciites sees Australia and goes, “Wow, that’s possible here too. We could do some of that stuff!”

I mean, Clay, just to give everyone a sense, new cases in Australia right now, they’ve these severe restriction… Remember, it’s an island, much lower population density, a lot going in its favor for covid in the first place. New cases, 1,545 as of today. The previous peak was in August of 2020, 395 cases! So somehow — in the era of vaccination and extreme lockdown in Australia — they’re having their worst covid surge ever. Hmm. Interesting.

CLAY: And also you’re not allowed to hardly even talk about this, either, although Australia, despite what the left-wing lunatics in our country are saying, Australia’s president — did you see this too? — came out and basically said, “Covid Zero isn’t a real opportunity anymore.” Like, the idea of Covid Zero made sense in a small way if you’re an island nation, New Zealand, Australia, that completely can restrict travel into and out to of those countries. But only if you had a vaccine that was so effective, it basically ended the covid virus like a smallpox vaccine would have back in the day, like we did with polio. That’s not gonna happen, and so now they’re at least looking at the data and saying, “We’re broken. Our system of Covid Zero can’t work.”

BUCK: We’re asking people… Really, the fight here is, it’s over freedom versus authoritarianism. It’s all also just over people need to be reasonable. They need to stop being unreasonable and think that anything — no matter how minute or how intrusive or how absurd — is worth doing against covid because anything that mitigates covid in any way is inherently justified. Clay, it’s just an unreasonable perspective, and that’s what has, unfortunately, infected the minds of about half the world’s population, maybe more than half the world’s population at this point.

CLAY: And they don’t see the data, Buck. It’s so frustrating to you and me.

BUCK: They don’t care, Clay.

CLAY: Ugh.

BUCK: I think we could read the data to their faces, and they would say, “That’s not what Fauci says,” and just go right back —

CLAY: “You hate grandmas!”

BUCK: — into the same nonsense.


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