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Berenson Has Receipts: White House Demanded Twitter Ban

12 Aug 2022

CLAY: Also want to let you know that there’s a big story. We need to get Alex Berenson on next week to talk about covid-related issues. Alex Berenson has effective receipts from inside of White House briefings where White House officials were asking for Alex Berenson to be banned from Twitter for the data that he was sharing on covid. And then Twitter followed through — which is a form of state action — because they felt pressured by the Joe Biden government.

So, Joe Biden’s government was trying to censor critics who were sharing covid-related data, and that is out there right now, and I’m sure we will talk with Alex Berenson next week as we continue to break all of that down. You just heard, by the way, from Dr. Oz, who has already texted me to try to get us set up to be present for some of those football games. I’ll get Buck up there. He hadn’t been to a lot of football games in his life.

But I really do want to impress upon that you we need to make sure that in Pennsylvania, we are not allowing internal divisions over a difficult primary… I understand if Dr. Oz was not your guy. You need to make sure that you end up with a situation where you are supporting everyone out there and making sure that you don’t allow John Fetterman — who is a far left-wing loon — to be able to get hooked up with that Senate seat, which is flip and then theoretically allow that scenario to play out where we’re fighting against Joe Biden having control in the Senate.

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