C&B Parody: How to Get Away with a Show Trial

1 Jul 2022

CLAY: Our talented staff has put together a parody for all of you to be able to listen to.

BUCK: This is about how to get away with a show trial like the January 6 shenanigans playing out before the very small and dwindling CNN audience.

CLAY: (chuckling) Enjoy.

ANNOUNCER: On this week’s episode of How to Get Away with a Show Trial: Creating Fake News. Exhibit A: Find a “witness” (loosely described) to peddle a salacious story. Exhibit B: Report the story in the media using phrases like: Explosive Testimony, Bombshell Report, Shocking Revelation, Damaging Account. You get the idea. Then, sit back and watch the left devour it like an all-you-can-eat buffet in Vegas.

After all, it’s not about proving a truth — it’s about creating a narrative. Hearsay, Schmearsay. Because remember, this isn’t for a court of law. (gavel banging) It’s for the court of public opinion. On next week’s episode of How to Get Away with a Show Trial, we bring you: The Walk-Back! Okay, so nothing was true, but here’s whatcha say: “It’s entirely possible.” For real truth, tune in to Clay & Buck: Voices of Sanity in an Insane World.

CLAY: You can watch those on ClayAndBuck.com. That is good work by Ali, our producer, who put that, by and large, together. It is still astounding to me that we had the Cassidy Hutchinson testimony, Buck — that that occurred — that she just didn’t witness anything basically what she testified to, and everybody grabbed it and ran with it, and now even still it’s basically done. And it leaves me wondering. Is there anything that lasts?

This was, to me, one of Trump’s true genius ideas. Almost nothing lasts more than 24 hours. So if you just ride out whatever you truly think — and this is good advice for anyone out there that gets caught up oftentimes in the cancel culture mob. If you can just wait 24 hours, there’s almost always something else that is going to get everybody’s attention, and even all of these show trial details on January 6th, I would love to know if there is anyone whose opinion has been changed by anything that has happened with all the time spent on January 6th.

BUCK: Nope.

CLAY: In the whole country.

BUCK: Yeah, and, by the way, there’s the latest polling — the latest data from the polls — on how much of the situation has changed nationally politically after the Roe reversal also shows —

CLAY: Yeah. Almost nothing.

BUCK: — minimal — minimal, a couple of percentage points, maybe — in some of the national polling. Nothing that is showing any real momentum. No, that it’s not meant — I really believe that it’s about just creating the safe space for libs to watch something that’s not the continued implosion, the slow-motion train wreck that is the Biden presidency.

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