Clay’s Cats Rule the Roost, Buck Is Master of His 600 Sq. Ft. Domain

30 Jul 2021

Clay confessed to Buck that his two Bengal cats are not only “more popular” than him in his Nashville home, but they also have more clout.

“I am squarely in the seventh position of power in the Travis household,” he lamented of his spot below wife, youngest son, followed by two other sons and cats, who he has previously accused of constantly knocking over his beverages.

Clay noted that males get less power in his home granted by his wife (“the benevolent dictator”) as they age, and that Buck must feel formidable living alone in New York City.

“I am the alpha and the omega of all 600 square feet, baby, that’s right,” Buck joked.

Clay was incredulous at the NYC size and Buck admitted others had advised him to move to Florida or Oklahoma “or somewhere” to get more space.

Clay, suddenly feeling less crowded out by his Bengals, suggested that one such spot to take a look at was his own beloved hometown since, “When you come to Nashville and see my house, you’re gonna be like, ‘Oh, my gosh!’”

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