Congressman Jim Jordan: Did the FBI Target Clay Travis?

18 Nov 2021

CLAY: The Department of Justice and the FBI potentially going after parents who were showing up at school boards and labeling them domestic terrorists. A whistleblower inside of the FBI said to the House Judiciary Committee and Jim Jordan, congressman from Ohio, that that is exactly what’s going on.

Jim Jordan is gonna be with us tomorrow at 2 o’clock Eastern. You’ll be able to hear him live on the program. But he said this on Fox News, and he pointed out, hey, a guy like me who went and spoke at a school board? Do I have an FBI file now? Am I considered a domestic terrorist?

JORDAN: Here’s the fundamental question. What’s the number? How many Americans — how many parents, how many moms, how many dads — now have this tag, this label, put on their name? Do these two guys in Texas? Does Clay Travis who showed up at a school board meeting and spoke out against policies at his children’s school? I mean, that’s the part that’s most troubling.

CLAY: There’s a lot of people out there who did what I did, Buck, and maybe have been labeled and investigated as domestic terrorists for standing up on behalf of what you believe your school should be doing.

BUCK: Don’t worry, man. If they send to you Gitmo, I’ll put out the Buck signal with this audience. We’ll get together.

CLAY: We got a lot of special forces. They get to handle me?

BUCK: We will exfil you out of Gitmo in, like, 48 hours. You’ll be good, Clay. We won’t leave you behind.

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