Jesse Kelly on Covid Madness and Captain America

30 Jul 2021

BUCK: Hour 3 of the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show is underway right now. I’m Buck. He’s Clay. And with us as well, we are a trio for the moment here with our friend Jesse Kelly —

JESSE: (chuckles)

BUCK: — host of the Jesse Kelly Show in syndication by Premiere Networks from 6 to 9 eastern. Mr. Kelly from down in Texas, great to have you, sir.

JESSE: Oh, it’s so good to be here and watch the country descend into more covid madness! I couldn’t be more excited.

BUCK: I gotta tell you, Jesse, we were talking before you came on about the first time I ever had Clay on my radio show. When Clay was doing a show in sports and I was focused on politics, I had Clay Travis on before we’d even met each other, ’cause I saw this guy’s takes on masks and just the covid stuff at the very beginning. I thought, “Okay somebody else gets it.”

You were right along with us with the you don’t lock down your country, you don’t impose these mask mandates, you don’t do all these things. But I gotta say, are you a little surprised at how absurd it’s gotten now? I feel like this has gone to a level that would have been hard to anticipate even for those of us who were pretty skeptical of this from the very beginning.

JESSE: Yes and no, I guess, is probably the best way I could say that. I’m shocked at the little minutia, how absurd it is. But I always knew they were never gonna let this go, guys. They were never gonna let this go. People have to understand set aside coronavirus and masks and vaccines and all this other stuff, these people, these politicians they’re all lifelong dorks.

CLAY AND BUCK: (laughing)

JESSE: And I’m trying to be mean. I’m not really. They’re lifelong dorks they never kissed a girl until they got into office. They’ve never had fun never done anything of any significance at all. And so you take these lifelong dorks and you hand them all this power they’re never going to wake up every day and say ,”I’m tired of all this power.” They get off on this! These are the guys we all stuffed into lockers in high school. They love this. This is their revenge.

CLAY: Jesse even for the craziness that is out there, the surgeon general… I don’t know if you saw this. The Surgeon General said vaccinated parents should be wearing infectious inside of their house if they want to be the safest they can possibly be. What would you think if you walked into a home, there were vaccinated there wearing masks? I would turn around and just take my kids and walk right back out!

JESSE: (laughing)

CLAY: Every now and then, your kids have a play date or whatever. I would walk in, I’d say, “This feels like a horror film of some sort. I can’t leave my kids here if these two random parents are vaccinated sitting in their houses with masks on trying to protect themselves from their kids.” This is just… You start to think about what it actually looks like! This is pure madness that the surgeon general would be saying this.

JESSE: It is madness, Clay, and what’s wild is — ‘caus I’ve seen this I’ve actually been in that situation you described. It wasn’t in someone’s home. But we were meeting a bunch of kids going out to play. They were at an arcade and one family showed up and all the kids are double masked and everything. I just sat there with my jaw hanging open thinking, “Do you not read at all?

“Do you not know that kids are not a danger for this thing?” But the truth is I’m probably being too harsh on everyone because we can’t trust the surgeon generals; we can’t trust the CDC. But people still do. Just ’cause Clay and Buck are out here trying to wake people up every day, most people still believe things the surgeon general says, and you really want to live in a country where you can believe the things the surgeon general says!

CLAY: Yep.

JESSE: Unfortunately, we don’t. I don’t trust the CDC. I don’t any of them, we don’t, but people want to believe when their surgeon general was speaking he’s coming from some high place of medical knowledge when really, the guy’s an idiot.

BUCK: We’re speaking with Jesse Kelly, host of the Jesse Kelly Show on 200-plus stations across the country with Premiere Networks from 6-to-9 eastern. Jesse, I gotta tell you, man, it seems to me that there’s an opening here for the doctors who have been honestly just coerced into silence.

I’ve spoken to a number of doctors that I just know personally who, for example, on the natural immunity thing, they’re just pulling their hair out but they’re saying, “If I go on TV if I go public with this…” All doctors now, it feels like — not all of them but a lot of them — are associated with the hospital system or they’re part of a larger practice.

And they’re just scared of honestly having their careers ruined or blackballed. Do you think that now we could be at a place where we could have the doctors who know that this is crazy start to come forward? I feel like that might help ’cause right now the only people you see on TV are Walensky and Fauci and Don Lemon. It’s not a high-powered group here.

CLAY: (laughing)

JESSE: Well, yes, I do think we’ll have more coming forward, Buck, but how are they going to come forward? Who’s gonna interview ’em? Yeah, they’ll be on Clay and Buck’s show. They’ll be on my show. Maybe they’ll be on some cable news show at night. Maybe they’ll bury ’em at midnight somewhere. The problem isn’t that people aren’t willing come out and say, “This is wrong, I’m a doctor, I know what I’m talking about.”

The problem is, as soon as people do that they’re banned off social media. We had doctors first thing coming out saying, “These lockdowns are insane. They’re doing more harm than good.” Boom! YouTube video gone, Twitter account gone like the person never existed and Thanos snapped his fingers. That’s the problem. The system has so much control and they’re so invested in fearmongering, you can’t get honest information.

CLAY: Where do we go from here? I think that’s the question. Buck just mentioned you and I and Buck we’ve been on this Team Reality, Team Anti-Apocalypse for over a year now and also we’re trying to to be honest with all of our audience out there and say — and it pains me to say this, but we’ve been saying — “Hey, this is coming.”

And I don’t think it’s gonna stop here. I think the possibility of lockdowns certainly out there. There’s reports that the White House is already working on a lockdown plan. How does this end, Jesse? How do we leave covid behind in your mind? And I know our audience has, but we have to fight, it’s almost as if, to open the minds of the sheep that are out there. How does this end?

JESSE: Noncompliance. There is no other way it ends besides noncompliance, and I hate saying that because I understand this is, like, the biggest radio show in the country, and I’m telling the biggest radio show audience in the country, “Disobey the rules,” but there was no other way this ends. These people are never going to get tired of this. Remember, coronavirus is the greatest thing that ever happened to Dr. Fauci. It’s the reason Joe Biden’s president.

These people love coronavirus! They don’t hate it. They love it. So as long as you keep obeying rules they hand you, they’re gonna keep handing them to you. And there’s no other way. People are waking up slowly but surely. It’s just that it takes so long. But until people en masse stop complying, resisting, this thing will never end. Twenty years from now we’ll still have this. We’ll have the Zulu variant of coronavirus! I guarantee you.

BUCK: Jesse, you mentioned Biden, I have to say today there’s more information about inflation and the striking thing for me this six months, seven months into the Biden presidency is that people are waking up to the crisis at the border, the crime crisis in cities across the country after the BLM movement got finished with us, and now inflation.

It turns out when you spend trillions of dollars, pay people to stay home, send money around everywhere, these are all obviously destructive things that are gonna have bad outcomes, and it feels like we’re just catching on to it now. Do you think that the pitch becomes…? When I say, “catching on to it,” the American people are seeing the obvious reality in front of them. It’s not just you, me, Clay, others saying, “This is going to happen.” It has happened or is happening. So does covid and the insurrection becomes the entire Democrat narrative of why they still need to be in charge?

JESSE: Oh, of course — and it has to be because their policies are so unpopular. And, yes, I’m a right-wing hack. I don’t pretend to be down the middle. I’m not a journalist I’m as far right as you can possibly get. But Democrat policies as they stand right now are extremely unpopular. Joe Biden’s approval ratings have been in free fall. They’re now below 5%.

They were up at 25% like four months ago. Everybody hates Kamala Harris except for the guy she’s currently dating. That’s just the way this administration is. It’s not a popular administration. So you have to dangle some distraction in front of everyone. “Yeah, everything we do sucks, but Republicans will kill ya! They’ll kill ya!” That’s what they’re all gonna run on.

CLAY: Jesse, let’s have some fun. Buck and I were just talking about this. I know you got the kids. What’s the best superhero movie? How would you analyze them? Buck’s not a Marvel guy, which is a really big failure of his moviedom.

BUCK: Mmm-hmm. Fair. Fair.

CLAY: But which of the movies out there do you like the most, which have your kids been the most obsessed with?

JESSE: I always loved Captain America for obvious reasons. I thought the Captain America movies were the best made and they were always my favorite. But try as I might, my kids adore Black Panther. Now, I love the Black Panther movie, too. I thought it was really good. But I didn’t think it came close to Captain America. But they love Black Panther. They have Black Panther heads and gloves and uniforms. They think it’s the greatest thing in the world.

BUCK: Wow.

CLAY: Have they seen Blade?

JESSE: No, I actually had this talk with the wife on whether I can show them Blade. I remember there being a bit of nudity in it.

BUCK: Blade is an 18-and-up.

CLAY: How old are your kids, Jesse?

JESSE: My kids are 10 and 12 and my 12-year-old I can tell things are changing and I’m worried he might enjoy Blade for other reasons than carving up vampires.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: See, that’s the thing.

CLAY: Girls are starting to get noticed!

JESSE: (laughing)

CLAY: I’ll say this, Jesse. You’ll appreciate this and you’ll like it, too, and a lot of listeners know this moment too. I was at the beach with my 10-year-old this summer, and all he wants to do is throw football. Doesn’t matter where we are, doesn’t matter what’s going on, he wants to throw football. And he doesn’t notice anything else that’s going on around him.

So we were throwing football, and he almost ran into a collection of college girls. They were all gorgeous, and all he cared about was laying out to catch the football. He didn’t even notice them. Afterwards I went over to my wife —

JESSE: (laughing)

CLAY: — and I said, “He’s a couple years away from the only reason he’s gonna want to throw football is so the girls will notice him.” But he was ready to take out the entire sorority to catch that ball on the beach, and he didn’t even care who was in the way.

JESSE: He’s a couple years away from doing that trick we’ve all pulled some form of, which is accidentally throwing the football over there. “Oh, sorry, ladies! My bad.”

CLAY: Heave to the girls.

JESSE: (laughing)

CLAY: “Oh, yeah. Sorry about that.”

JESSE: (laughing)

BUCK: It’s like fishing you gotta throw the lure out there. That’s how it goes.

JESSE: (laughing)

BUCK: Jesse Kelly.

CLAY: I just love that.

BUCK: Check out the Jesse Kelly Show 6 to 9 eastern all across the U.S., 200 plus stations. Mr. Jesse, have a great weekend. Barbecue up some stuff. Say hi to the wife and the kids.

JESSE: Be good, boys.


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