Leaked Docs Show Biden’s Mass Release of Illegal Aliens

13 Oct 2021

BUCK: But Fox News has this story up now wanted to talk to you about breaking just while Clay and I are on the air here with you. Leaked Border Patrol documents show mass release of illegal immigrants into U.S. by the Biden administration. Now, before I give you details here, let’s just all be clear that we know what’s really happening. We don’t have a problem at the border that both sides, Democrat and Republican, conservatives and socialists, leftists, et cetera, want to solve in the same manner. We actually want a legal immigration system and people who are not supposed to be in the country to not come and not stay. The Democrats want there to be a perpetual de facto open border status. It’s what the numbers show, it’s what the policies show. I know that they’re put DHS Secretary Mayorkas, for example, out there to tell everyone, you know, this is not the time to come or Kamala Harris will say, don’t come now or whatever, right?

They’ll tell you this is not the moment for illegal immigration, to which I always want to say, is there ever a good time for illegal immigration? Well, Democrats think there is. We want different things here, though, fundamentally, the two major political parties in this country. Remember that. And here’s the Fox exclusive. Hat tip to Bill Melugin for this one over at Fox News L.A. At least 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the U.S. often with no supervision or little supervision by the Biden administration since March, including a broad use of parole authorities to make more than 30,000 eligible for work permits since August alone, according to border documents obtained by Fox News. Clay, there’s a lot here, but one thing that’s catching people’s eyes — by the way, the overall number of how many have really been let into the country is much higher than that.

You’re already at apprehensions at the border of well over a million for the year. Some people say it might get as high at 1.5, maybe 1.8 million for the year. Could be 400,000 for the month of October alone based on estimates for a couple of weeks ago. But abuse of parole here. They’re giving parole — it’s supposed to be on a case by case, very specific basis. They’re giving it to tens of thousands of people, Clay, almost like when they abuse prosecutorial authority to not enforce laws they don’t like.

CLAY: Yes. And here’s where I think, in addition to the fact that the border is wide open, and that is the fundamental of the Biden administration. And we need to go back and not only talk about the border being wide open now but also that the messages that have clearly been sent by the Biden administration have encouraged these millions of people to try to come into our country and that they made a calculated decision after Trump had had incredible success. In fact, in a couple of the years of the Trump administration, Buck — you can correct me if I’m wrong on this — I think we were actually seeing a net outflow of immigration. That is, people who were here illegally were going back to their home countries as opposed to flood in hundreds of thousands every single month, okay? So let’s look at this. It also, to me, epitomizes the lies that are being told associated with covid and the federal government’s ability and power to enforce vaccine mandates.

Because, Buck, some of the numbers I have seen suggest that up to 20% of the people that are crossing the border are testing positive for covid. If you are obsessed with limiting the growth of covid in this country, which the Biden administration and certainly their saint, Fauci, claims to be, wouldn’t you, as a condition, before you allow these illegal immigrants to violate our border and enter into the country and probably never be tracked down again, wouldn’t you mandate the vaccine on them? Think about this for a minute. We are allowing people from other countries to flood into our country across our border while we are mandating on American citizens the vaccine, we aren’t even doing the bare minimum of giving all of these illegal immigrants the vaccine as a condition before we release them into our country, despite the fact that we know they have incredibly high rates of covid. And that is in conflict with what we require for anyone flying into the country.

That is in conflict with what we are requiring our own citizens to do. And so, Buck, why would that be? It’s because Biden administration that knows as soon as they start mandating covid vaccines for illegal immigrants, they will get sued, a judge will strike down that mandate, and many right thinking and reasonably intelligent Americans will say, wait a minute, if Biden administration doesn’t have the authority to vaccinate illegal immigrants as they pour across our borders, how in the world do they have the authority to vaccinate American citizens? Their lack of action here is not only hypocritical, it’s telling you that they do not have the legal authority to mandate the vaccines as they are attempting to do.

BUCK: The interior enforcement from the Biden administration is also showing everybody what’s really going on here, what the real goal is. The Biden administration, according to the New York Times yesterday, announced that it would not conduct mass arrests of undocumented workers during enforcement operations at U.S. businesses, a reversal from Trump administration policies. So while there’s the apprehensions at the border phenomenon — there’s the situation of people coming in to the country in unprecedented numbers, the Biden administration is fighting against using — is looking to end its Title 42 authority, to Clay’s point about covid vaccines, they can turn people away just because they say, “Sorry. There’s a pandemic. We have to keep people safe here. ” And anyone — anybody who we think has covid or covid risk or whatever, you know, the amount of authority that Border Patrol or Immigration and Customs Enforcement actually has at the border is considerable, but the Biden team has said they’re not going to use that in the way that they could, they won’t use it again family units, they won’t use it against people who are — or I should say use it to process people who say that they have a credible fear but then you also have a complete breakdown of interior enforcement.

If they’re not going to actually arrest people who are working at employers in violation of the law in large numbers, guess what? A lot of employers will want to pay people less than the minimum or prevailing wage, they want to pay them off the books, and the incentive for a lot of  unscrupulous employers out there just goes up, gets higher because they know they’re not gonna get in any trouble. They’re also not deporting people, Clay, when they could who are here the illegally. Interior enforcement in sanctuary states is effectively nonexistent now. They make it as hard as possible for the federal authorities to do anything in cities all across the country. This brings you to a de facto open border situation. And the only way it stops — Biden administration’s not gonna stop it ’cause they’re scared of the activists they’re scared of the left and the left is really calling the shots with Joe Biden — the only way this ends is you take power out of the hands of the people who are abusing it in this way, and that means political consequences.

That means kicking out the Democrats who pretend not to be open borders when they really are. They’re lying to the American people. That’s the part of this that I think we have to just remind everybody about day in and day out. They aren’t upset by what’s happening. They like it. They’re just making a show of wanting border security because they know a majority of the American people are not with them.

CLAY: Not only that, there are also many of the people out there in the media complicit in pretending the situation doesn’t exist. I was talking about being at the 25th anniversary was the Fox News launching last night here in L.A. If Fox doesn’t get the drones up in Del Rio, Texas, and make people aware of what’s going on at the border, then the American media, the rest of them wouldn’t pay attention to this at all. And we know because Fox has been covering it, there are tens of thousands of people in these caravans continuing the march — Buck, what do we see the data? October could be the worst month for border crossings maybe in forever, almost, in terms of how many people are coming and trying to enter into our country. And it just — it legitimately calls into question all covid restrictions that we are allowing all these covid positive people into the country, not mandating any vaccines, not mandating even a negative test. And yet we’re trying to tell us our American citizens, “You aren’t allowed to work unless you get this vaccine.”

BUCK: You mentioned the numbers and how it could be the highest numbers ever, the 400,000 that is estimated at possible for this month. The entire Border Patrol infrastructure — I’ve seen it in San Diego, in McAllen, in El Paso — is built along what was happening or built to deal with what was happening in the nineties where you had single adult males who were basically coming to find work in the U.S. would come across the border and the border was so open in many places then that they would go back and forth.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: It was that — it was so open in a sense they’d go back and forth, but that was a different situation because they aren’t necessarily staying a lot, but they aren’t necessarily staying permanently and that’s when realized if we wanted to create if we haven’t been a border the Border Patrol holding facilities that’s why I say the infrastructure it’s all adult males that’s why the families when they started to come across abusing, essentially, the asylum loophole that’s there and also abusing the court decision, the Flores consent decree that says you can’t hold a child for I think it’s more than 20 or 21 days, all these different ways that the system all of a sudden the seams in it were exposed is because now you’ve got families — this is now a new immigration system we have. Everyone needs to understand that. This isn’t just single adult males who want to find a job. Entire family units are coming across, hundreds of thousands of people over the course of this year, more than a million, really, when all the numbers are tabulated, to settle permanently in America. None of the people who are showing up here really are coming across, want to work here for a while, might be go back, have family there. The whole family is moving from, remember, not just Central America, but from wherever they come from all over the world.

CLAY: Not even this continent.

BUCK: Right. This is a new form of mass immigration that is illegal. That’s what’s going on. This isn’t just about work. It’s not about single adult males. So this is unprecedented is what I’m really getting at. We’ve never had this happening in the numbers that it’s occurring right now, and it’s happening with — ’cause the Biden administration, you have to remember this, they’re not waking up every morning thinking, oh, my gosh. How do we stop so much illegal immigration in the country. They’re thinking, how do we make sure the American people don’t get wise to this in enough numbers that they kick out Democrats from elected office and then Republicans will actually do something about this? This is the challenge that they’re facing right now.

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