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Ann Coulter’s One-of-a-Kind Take on the Midterms

30 Sep 2022

CLAY: Welcome back in Clay Travis, Buck Sexton show. We are here in New York. We are joined now by Ann Coulter, who was at Buck’s engagement party last night. We were talking about how awesome it was. It was a good time, right?

COULTER: Yes. I want Buck to just get married every year.

CLAY: (laughing)

COULTER: We need more parties like that, Buck.

BUCK: We had fun putting it together but I gotta say when you’ve had a fun event afterwards one of the great things is you get to just chill for at bit.

CLAY: Yes.

COULTER: I walked in and ran into someone else moving to Florida who asked me, “What’s it like down there?” And I said, “I’ve been down there for a while, and my life has gotten a lot better since covid. Look around the room. One-third of the people here used to be New Yorkers and now live in Florida.” (laughing)

BUCK: There was a very sizable contingent of New York to Florida corridor last night. And I think it was —

CLAY: When did you go to Florida for the first time?

COULTER: Long time ago.

CLAY: So, you were way ahead of the curve, and now Florida, it feels like… I saw a story something like 50,000 New Yorkers in the last year have relocated to Florida?

COULTER: New York City has lost billions of dollars in taxable income.

CLAY: No doubt.

COULTER: I wrote about it in my UK Spectator article. I used to say I write my books in Florida, but if I wanted to have fun go to L.A. and New York or import L.A. and New York to me. Nope! (laughing) Now you’re all living there.

BUCK: There’s been a lot of migration.

COULTER: I won’t have to, you know, make beds, clean the bathroom.

BUCK: So, we’re hoping you’re able to give us some good news on the midterms and as you’re seeing it right now. You are a prognosticator of these things. Most famously of course on the Bill March show, he gave you credit for, calling the 2016 election when everybody… At first they booed and then they cheered — when you came back whatever it was many months later — for getting that one right. And we’re seeing right now Fetterman-Oz, Pennsylvania, this is one where I look at Clay, ’cause sometimes I have to… I look at Clay for a sanity check. I’m like, “Am I crazy, or is it crazy that anybody could vote for this guy, John Fetterman?”

COULTER: Yes. Yes. Oh, my gosh.

BUCK: The poll I think today was a two-point difference between the two.

COULTER: I say that all the time, who is voting for him? It’s like Michael Moore is running.

BUCK: Yes.

COULTER: He’s slovenly. He’s always wearing… I mean, this sounds like a minor thing. I’m not even getting to his policies yet. He has tattoos, that ridiculous goatee. He looks like, you know, one of those Kanamits from the Twilight Zone, isn’t that what they were called? “It’s a cookbooook!” To Serve Man.

BUCK: (laughing) I dunno.

CLAY: If you were trying to design the worst possible statewide candidate I think you would pick John Fetterman. He is not well spoken because of the stroke, right, but even —

COULTER: Yes. Even before that, yes.

CLAY: He said: I’m a Bernie Sanders clone. And he’s running.

COULTER: Bernie Sanders is more attractive — I can understand Bernie Sanders. All he does, Fetterman, is suck up to criminals and release proved murderers, vicious murderers who’ve engaged in, you know, anti-Hispanic hate murderers and he’s out campaigning with them and lying and saying, “Oh, they were proved innocent.” No, they weren’t.

BUCK: So, we have a theory that we’ve been talking about, Ann, with the crime issue which the polls are all showing this is a big thing and that fortunate the American people have seen the last few years. This is Democrats.


BUCK: This is their lunatic prosecutors, their lunatic state legislatures, the past — whether it’s the no bail thing. Prosecutors are among the very worst — it’s really not the cops although there are far fewer cops.

COULTER: Right. For good reason.

BUCK: The cops are still trying to do their jobs. There’s just a lot less of them because of Democrats.

COULTER: And they can’t do anything. I mean, they arrest these people and then they get released. That’s why you have to vote for Zeldin.

BUCK: Yeah. This is on the prosecutor side.

COULTER: And anyone who lives in New York or could plausibly claim to live in New York, you have got to register to vote; you have got to vote. In New York City, people are talking about crime nonstop because criminals are really helping us out here ’cause they’re not slowing down. Every day. You talk to right wingers and they’re all, “Oh, no, no, Republicans can’t win.” A Republican can win in New York state. Republicans, please vote. Zeldin and Oz are my two upset votes. Who knows right now. The polls are pretty close, I think, in both cases. Maybe the Democrat is ahead. But these are cases where I think the Republicans can stage an upset win.

CLAY: And what we’ve been talking about is, you look at Washington, I think Tiffany Smiley could eventually beat Patty Murray.

COULTER: Yeah. Yeah. That’s wild. Patty Murray is the stupidest senator.

BUCK: That is bold. That is a bold call. Mazie Hirono wants a word.

COULTER: I know. I know. Also, speaking of how Fetterman looks, look at Patty Murray. She looks like a homeless woman. Oh, no, she just hangs out in front of the library, doesn’t really bother anyone. Collects bottles.

CLAY: She’s potentially gonna get beat. We got Christine Drazan, who we had on the show last week, I think, in Oregon may end up being the first Republican governor in Oregon. And then Colorado’s got some spice to it in terms of the governor’s race and the Senate race —

BUCK: Making these Democrats uncomfortable.

CLAY: That’s right. And so, to your point, what we keep echoing and want to make sure everybody out there hear is sometimes it’s frustrating to lose all the time.

COULTER: Yes, yes.

CLAY: If you’re in New York you’ve seen over those years Washington, Oregon, Colorado, a lot of losses stack up and eventually gets in your mind. You think, “Oh, we can’t win.”

COULTER: Why bother? I’ll just get on a jury list.

CLAY: Yeah.

COULTER: No. Bother this year. Please, please, please, Republicans.

CLAY: They can win in all those places.

BUCK: I think there could be, maybe there isn’t, maybe I’ll be wrong, but I think we all think there could be a secret anti-crime vote, as there was to get Giuliani in the first time. Giuliani was losing, according to the polls, but even liberals on the Upper West Side just couldn’t take the crime anymore, and the crime is way worse now, and I’m sure they told all their Upper West Side liberal friends, “No, I’m voting for Dinkins. I’m voting for Dinkins,” and then they get into the privacy of the voting booth and they voted for Giuliani and he saved New York City. The rest is history. So please, please. Oh, one point on which I think you will have to concede even with Mazie Hirono, Patty Murray being the stupidest United States senator, after the 9/11 attacks, she gave a speech in which she said, “Well, you have to understand why Osama Bin Laden is so appealing to people. He’s out there building, you know, health care centers and day care centers.” (laughing)

CLAY: I don’t even remember that.

COULTER: “For the people.” You know, ’cause he was really into career women! Day care centers. I’m not making that up. (laughing)

BUCK: Ann Coulter, by the way. Subscribe to her Substack. It is always illuminating and spicy.

CLAY: How dumb do you think Kathy Hochul is?

COULTER: Very, very, very dumb. Oh, and another point on Zeldin is he needs money, he needs money, he needs money. What is Hochul’s advantage in right now she’s the governor, and she’s utterly — at least from what I’ve been told by many people, what’s the word for it? Oh, corrupt. So, she’s hitting up all the big donors in the corporations who have to do business with the state saying, “Don’t you dare give money to Zeldin.”

CLAY: Yeah.

COULTER: So, even people who are probably voting for Zeldin won’t give him money and, yeah, we all see the videos on Twitter, as horrible as Twitter is, God bless the internet where you can see these videos. No, he needs to go get that stuff up on TV. So, maybe some of you rich people in other states, instead of writing another check to Tim Scott could write a check to Lee Zeldin.

BUCK: We had the founder of @LibsOfTikTok on yesterday, by the way, speaking of the internet and showing things.

COULTER: She’s great.

BUCK: It is fascinating to watch how the Big Tech Democrat left has now gone to the point where, when you learn what they think, if it’s at the wrong time for them or in the wrong way, it is hate speech now.


BUCK: It is almost like saying, “Oh, you guys wrote this manifesto? We’re gonna pass it around.” “You can’t pass around our manifesto!” That’s all she really does.

COULTER: Yes. Yes. Yes. No. If only Trump had done something about it because all of his followers got thrown off.

CLAY: By the way, the Kanamits, that’s a pretty good comparison to the Twilight Zone.

COULTER: No, I sent it out on my Substack.

CLAY: Yeah, Ali just texted it to us to make sure.

COULTER: Excellent. Than you, Ali.

CLAY: She’s been doing great research on the Fetterman comparison.

BUCK: What do you think? If Democrats who are still gonna vote for this guy –

COULTER: Isn’t that crazy how much he looks like that guy?

CLAY: It is pretty crazy, yes.

COULTER: And they were gigantic beings from some planet far away and they told the earthling we’re here to help you; so everybody, the spaceship —

CLAY: He also has a certain Uncle Fester look to him.

COULTER: — they translated the “to serve man” and right at the last minute they find out, “It’s a cookbook!” So, anyway, he’s — they all look alike and they all look like Fetterman and they’re gigantic, like he is, this gigantic freak with tattoos — and you know he wasn’t paying taxes in the place where he was mayor.

BUCK: And he can’t speak. You see the guy on stage. He goes, “Here … I am … in Honolulu.” It’s like, “No. That’s not right,” and they don’t care.

COULTER: He’s not that bad.

BUCK: Oh, he’s pretty bad. Fetterman?

COULTER: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve seen him interviewed on MSNBC. So, don’t lower expectations ’cause he can put a couple of sentences together. Look at his record. Look at how he dresses. He has to keep… When he was lieutenant governor, he had to keep a suit in the office for when he had people who complained about it, ‘cause all he wears is jeans and a sweatshirt. No, I’m sorry, Bernie Sanders puts on a suit.

BUCK: Yeah, you mean, they’re button-down collars but he does wear collars.

COULTER: And he’s not Mr. Release Criminals, Bernie Sanders. I don’t know why I’m defending Bernie Sanders. He had a lot of Trumpian policies. No, this is Michael Moore running, and I don’t understand what is the constituency for that? Soccer moms?

CLAY: I think a lot of people have not paid attention, candidly, and they’re just now becoming aware. And I think Oz is gonna end up winning this race comfortably before all is said and done.

COULTER: I’m also worried and I think you guys should get on one of the issues you are so good on. I think the media is gonna help Fetterman get out of a debate. Looks like that’s gonna hurt him. I know they’re gonna do the same thing with Biden when they rerun Biden.

CLAY: Biden’s not running.

BUCK: — with me on this one, by the way, we had yesterday, Joe Concha, what if Biden’s not running? Like, oh, Biden’s running again.

COULTER: How can the media help them? Another covid scare. We can’t, we can’t. We have two of them. You said Trump would be the nominee. We have a steak dinner bet on that president, the other one I’m not going to say ’cause I’m betting against my interests, but it’s a Republican that I was betting is going to lose. Right now, he’s up in the polls. Who knows what will happen, but I don’t want to admit publicly that I’m betting because I’m not betting against him. I’d love for him to win. It’s just a bet. And it’s not Zeldin and it’s not Oz.

BUCK: Blake Masters?

COULTER: I hope so. I hope so. I love autistic candidates, and he is. He has an incredibly high IQ and he is like one of these tech guys like Peter Thiel is helping fund him, he just… (laughing) I mean, the alleged like missteps he has, if you have any really high IQ autistic friends… Like, oh, my gosh. It’s the exact same thing. But I think he has one of the toughest races, Blake Masters in Arizona because he’s running against Mark Kelly, who votes with Chuck Schumer, but he doesn’t look like Chuck Schumer.

CLAY: He doesn’t do or say anything.

COULTER: We’re used to Democrats looking really hateable like Fetterman, and Kelly looks like he’s normal. He isn’t Arizona! (laughing)

BUCK: So Democrats basically gonna lie about what they really think and hide from the public until Election Day and they’re just hoping people don’t realize this. That seems to be the strategy.

COULTER: Yes, especially when they rerun Biden. (laughing)

BUCK: They’re rerunning Biden.

CLAY: He’s dropping out in the spring!

COULTER: I just posted a little Substack video, it’s only half an hour for people. I start off with why and how they’re going to do the Weekend at Bernie’s thing, which I will give you a short preview of.

CLAY: It’s Weekend at Bernie’s Part II.

COULTER: Google right now, “This is the last time we vote for an all-white ticket.” That was 2016 when black people said, “Nope, we’re not.” They were ticked off that both Hillary and Tim Kaine were white guys; so, once they get rid of Joe Biden, they are done with the white guys, the Democratic Party. I mean, blacks give the Democratic Party 90% of the vote. That’s never gonna change; so just give it up, Republicans. But that’s why I think they have to do Weekend at Bernie’s, because what do they go to next? AOC? Ilhan Omar?

CLAY: It’s gonna be Gavin Newsom.

COULTER: They’re dumb. They’re not that dumb.

CLAY: They’re gonna go with Gavin Newsom.

COULTER: White guy! (laughing) Can’t do it.

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