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It’s the One-Year Anniversary of C&B!

21 Jun 2022

CLAY: Officially one-year anniversary! Many of you, on this exact date one year ago, sat down and heard Buck and I speak to you for the first time ever. On this date, we appreciate that first year, and we have got so much more in the days, the weeks, the months, the years ahead for you.

But thank you to everyone out there who has given us the chance to step into the biggest legacy in the history of radio, and we hope that we have done a good job continuing to advance the fight for the things that Rush would have been fighting for himself, and certainly we are honored to talk with you every single day.


BECK: Hey, it’s Glenn Beck. Congratulations, guys, on the one-year anniversary of the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show. You guys are hitting it out of the park. Keep it up.

KELLY: What’s up, Clay and Buck? It’s Jesse Kelly of the world famous Jesse Kelly Show. Just wanted to wish you both a very happy anniversary and a happy pride month.

BUCK: Welcome back to Clay and Buck, very kind words there from our friends Glenn Beck and Jesse Kelly, our fellow Premiere Network hosts. I cannot believe it has been a year that we have been doing this show together.


O’REILLY: Clay and Buck, one year terrorizing the whole country. Congratulations, you guys. You know, I said this to you on the air, on your program. Very difficult to take over from the legendary Rush Limbaugh. I mean, I wouldn’t want to do it because the comparison is always there. But you guys have prospered, and I think that is an amazing media achievement. So, once again, congrats on your first anniversary. Many more.

CLAY: Fantastic to hear from so many of the friends of the program.


HANNITY: Hey, Clay. Hey, Buck. It’s your friend, Sean Hannity. One-year anniversary! Couldn’t be happier for you guys. By the way, who gets first billing, who gets second billing, and how do you decide that — and do you flip it on other days? You know, I’ve watched the incredible year of broadcasting you guys have had. You take over for the GOAT, the Greatest of All Time, Rush Limbaugh, never an easy position to be put in, and you both have done a phenomenal job.

It’s an honor to be in the same industry as both of you. Congratulations for all your success. We will forever, obviously, miss Rush. But your success is based on your great talents, and the audience has responded in kind. You’ve built up a huge audience in a short period of time. I’m friends with both of you. I’m so happy for both of you, continued success, God blessings all the time, and we’ll be talking soon.

BUCK: Our friend Sean Hannity there with really very kind words. Sean is such a generous, decent, great all-around guy to everybody who knows him and saying some things there that really going above and beyond. So ,thank you very much to the great Sean Hannity.


SEN. BLACKBURN: Well, happy one-year anniversary, Clay and Buck. You know, time flies when you’re having fun, and I think you guys are having a blast. And along the way, what a great job you are doing educating people on the issues: Inflation, the border, crime, foreign policy that is gone awry. I appreciate so much the work that you’re doing. Love being on with you. Happy anniversary.

BUCK: Another friend of the show there, Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee, calling in to wish us a happy one-year anniversary. Clay, what did you get me? You know my colors are blue, gray, and other blue.

CLAY: I wasn’t sure what to get you ’cause I didn’t know what your pronouns were gonna be today, so I didn’t want to offend you.

BUCK: That’s a fair point. You did, however, very kindly, set up a steak dinner for us on Friday. Clay took Carrie (my girlfriend) and me out, to a place called Keens in New York City, which is so good. First of all, the food is amazing. But isn’t it such a cool place? They said it’s 130 years old, I think, in Midtown Manhattan. You wouldn’t know that there could be such an old-school, old-style steakhouse just plopped down in the middle of Manhattan. It’s a pretty cool joint.

CLAY: We walked in… You did a great job picking that place ’cause we’re both history nerds. But we talked in, and there’s all this Teddy Roosevelt historical documentation on the walls. It was one of his favorite places to eat in New York City. That’s how old this place is. And my wife and you and your girlfriend, Carrie, we all had an awesome time hanging out. And other than when the table of New Jersey bros rolled in, which was the one downside. It was like Jersey Shore suddenly was being filmed directly behind us there for about five minutes. We had to relocate.

BUCK: This brings me to the what I could call the war on noise or unnecessary noise. We’ll talk about this maybe in the third hour of the show because I do believe that we need all the civilized people of America, all the civilized people of the whole world, to recognize that there are just some rules. If we’re going to live together in close proximity, you can’t put your phone on speaker and have FaceTime conversations in crowded restaurants. There’s a few things that we all need to agree on.


BERRY: Clay Travis & Buck Sexton. This is Michael Berry. It’s been one year since you buckled up in the big chair. Reminds me of Top Gun: Maverick. You both were like Rooster getting in the jet, knowing the nation was depending on you. But this would be a challenging journey. You’ve taken the reins of our spaceship to sanity, and you’ve led us with vision, comedy, and common sense. This first year was great, but the future is even brighter. Clay and Buck, continue your daily broadcast excellence. We’ll all be here listening. I’m proud to call you both my friend.

BUCK: Oh, man. That is the Czar of Talk, Michael Berry, our good friend out of Houston saying some very kind things there, in his own right a fantastic radio host. And the thing about Michael Berry is, you roll with Michael Berry in Houston and whatever you need, people are like, “Oh, yeah,” with Michael. Michael said, “All of a sudden you want to go roll around at the monster truck rally? We’ll get you down in the middle of the monster truck rally.” Whatever you need in Houston, Michael Berry’s got you.

CLAY: He is a great dude. We love all of our people down in Houston.


CAROLLA: Hey, Clay and Buck. It is Adam Carolla and I love listening to your program. I hear it every day. Doing one best-of on the weekends? Probably gilding the lily a little bit. Five days a week is a lot of Clay and Buck. But at year in and I couldn’t be prouder. Keep up the great work.

CLAY: That’s Adam Carolla, obviously, who had one of the funniest shows, Buck, that has ever aired on cable in The Man Show back in the day, and he is still great as a stand-up comedian. He’s a big fan of the show, listens out in L.A. when he’s traveling around, driving around town, so it’s great to hear from him. We’ve had him on the show several times and look forward to having him on again.


SEN. CRUZ: Clay and Buck, just wanted to congratulate you on one year of a tremendous show together. You guys are carrying on the legacy of the immortal Rush Limbaugh. I’m proud to call you both friends. This is Ted Cruz saying to Clay and Buck, “Thank you for standing up with courage, speaking the truth, defending liberty, and defending the Constitution.” God bless you guys.

SEN. JOHNSON: Hey, Clay and Buck, Ron Johnson here. Happy one-year anniversary. You guys had some really big shoes to fill, and you’re doing a fantastic job. Thanks for telling America the truth.

BUCK: Very kind words there from Senators Cruz and Johnson, two of the greats from the Republican side of the United States Senate and frequent guests and friends of the show. Just good guys, real patriots, people that do their country honor by serving their country — and, Clay, it has been quite a year, my friend.

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